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How to fill a low emotional-needs bucket

After doing a ‘Bucket Check’, I realized my emotional needs bucket labeled ‘Need to Feel Accepted’ is low. My next step was to think about when/where/what’s happening during those times I feel accepted.

I have several friends and family who accept me for who I am. They ‘get’ me, which makes me wonder how they accept me, what parts of me, or is it all of me they accept?

Then I realized and had to pause, I sometimes struggle to accept myself. This reminds me of the power we have to sabotage ourselves.

I spend some time looking at the ways I do and don’t accept myself. I look at how I ‘talk’ to myself, and apologize to myself for any negative and hurtful self-talk I have said.

After all of the above, I start to brainstorm… how can I fill this bucket, the need to ‘feel accepted’?

I look at those ways I do accept myself and start to acknowledge those. Now I ask, can I visit or chat with any of my family, or friends who do accept me? I can ask them what they accept about me, I can listen to their thoughts, but ultimately this task to fill this bucket is my responsibility and I realize by spending time to accept myself, I fill it faster.